Saturday, May 22, 2010

Income generating

Investing in real estate has proven to be income generating or really makes a person rich. Most successful businessmen will tell you to invest in real estate. I learned that from my previous boss. Actually, he advised me to buy land from far away places where it is still cheap. He said that I just have to make a forecast if it will be developed in the future or even its nearby areas. It is best if there will be a prospective road connection, then it will be a jackpot! Yes, my previous boss did that and now he could afford to buy real estate properties not just for business but for pleasure. He wants to expand also and go worldwide. He is now eying a Tamarindo Real Estate. Wow, that is in Costa Rica! Yes, I am still keeping my communication with the man. Who knows? In the future, I might have lots of cash already and he will be one of my advisers on where to invest my blood and sweat. I hope that I could reach his status which could afford him to relax already and maybe live in a faraway peaceful town like that in Costa Rica. I hope that his negotiations with that real estate will push through.

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