Thursday, February 5, 2009

Save energy, save mother earth

How Much Electricity Does a hair straightener consume? How about ironing clothes or opening a refrigerator? How about a water heater? Well, the list could go on but have you not noticed that almost everything inside your home uses energy?

After reading about how much a hair straightener could consume energy, I decided not to buy one anymore. I still could live with wearing my hair up everyday. Now, I know why it costs much to pay for hair blower or ironing service at beauty parlors.

We have to practice some energy saving habits at home. In this time of crisis, every small thing would count. Like not turning the light on whenever taking a shower during daytime. Well, sunlight is always free coming from that small window at the bathroom.

It is not only saving energy so that we could cut on the bills. It is actually saving the mother earth too because each consumption releases carbon dioxide that the environment does not need much of.

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