Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Live clean

When we feel hot because of brownouts or blackouts or because of summer due to the heat of the sun, We easily complain. We get irritated because of traffic or unruly drivers. Sometimes we just get mad out of nothing. I think we should think again and just think of how hard our other fellowmen went through during holodomor. If you would log on to to the site that discusses about it, maybe you would have a different point of view. Sometimes, we are really not contented of the things we have. The truth is, we are very lucky to be alive right now with all the comforts this present generation brings. We should stop and reassess things. We are more blessed than those who are experiencing or have experienced famine and drought. I could not breathe thinking of that. I though that those are just fiction but not. It really happened that people suffered and it even lead to some death.

There are other people who are still experiencing unpleasant things around them like war and hunger and sickness. Let us do our share to help them even in our little own ways. If we could not give monetary help then maybe we should just be mindful of the things we do. Just live a modest life. Do not waste. Make life better. Live clean.

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