Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jewlery is for all

Who says that jewelries are just for women? It could be for men too? I think of men who wears bracelets or necklaces fashionable. Gone are those days that jewelry is only for women. Moreover, who says that only the rich could afford to buy a Designer Jewelry? Not true! Well, besides the fact that we could always save for the things that we love, there is already a store who sells very nice jewelry at a very affordable price. You have the choice depending on your budget. Yes, there are items for as low as $50.

School year is nearing and being a doting mother that I am, I would like my son to look good by wearing an accessory. It would be a sort of an identification for him also. I would like to buy him an ID bracelet. I am sure it would look good on him.

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