Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No hard time to adjust

There are many things to consider when you are looking for your permanent residence or a place to live in. Real estate agents are very aware of that thus you could see in their flyers all the things that you would like to see like, prime location, near the basic necessities in life like school, hospital, supermarket, malls, church and the like. How about the weather? Have you seen a campaign material that talks about the weather of the place? I think that it is important too. The weather sometimes depend on the landscape of the place. Is it hilly, meaning there are many trees or is it near the mountain? The place where I came from is located at the foot of a big mountain. It is usually rainy there thus it feels cold. I actually like it there.

I plan to migrate to another country. Looking at the landscape design in Scottsdale AZ, I think it could be a best place for me and my family. The weather there is almost the same as we are having right now. We would not have any hard time to adjust.

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