Friday, April 24, 2009

Pauline Luna's Hair

Pauline Luna is a local artist in the Philippines. She used to sport long hair. She said that she decided to cut it after Francis Magalona's death realizing that life is too short.

Well, her decision was even put into a good cause. Her hair was made into a wig and she donated it to a little girl who needed it after an encountered burn.

Very good, Pauline! You have a good heart! I hope for your success!


TheHiddenInvestor said...

Hi ms mica, I'm a long hair guy, well, not that long, just about to reach my shoulders, people keep asking me what would be my reason for growing it that way, well, I don't tell, but I'm actually planning to donate it to cancer patients in the Philippines. I also heard about ms Pauline Luna's donation, but wasn't able to get the details how she did it. So you might have an idea:
1. Min Length
2. Where to get cut
3. Where exactly in Manila
I admire ms Luna, she's beautiful and yes, it's usually a big issue for long hair girls to get their hair cut shorter, so I admire her even more.

A nice blog you got here, ms mica, Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

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