Tuesday, February 19, 2008

June Lozada: Let me be the Spark

Let me be the change that I want to see
And the hope that I can be
I might not be the light
But let me be the spark…

That is part of June Lozada’s prayer when he decided to finally stand as witness to the controversial ZTE deal. It was shared a while ago during the mass held at La Salle Greenhills gymnasium. It was attended by the popular personalities who oppose the present administration.

Last night, ABS CBN also had a special titled “Harapan” in English, Face to Face. The start witness stood firm by his statements in spite of three or four who ganged up against him. It was a good show which ended past midnight.

So, what now, Filipinos? What do you really want?

As I observed, every President in the Philippines had went through the same situation right now.

I still believe that every politician in this country has his own share of anomaly.
Different plays, different tricks. All are the same.

The bigger argument is who will replace the present President if ousted?


Yummy said...

Who indeed? For me, changing presidents now will be no different changing presidents in 2010. They are all the same. What is important is to weigh the consequences. Will it be for the greater good of the majority or would it be to satisfy a few who themselves had a share of corruption. Media who is supposed to be balance, unbiased and apolitical is no longer living up to its creed. Religious leader who are supposed to unite and not divide the country are doing the opposite. We are all to be blamed for our actions when People Power II happened. The country is turning into a mob republic and when you talk about a mob, there's nothing good in it. Not one single decision coming from a mob will yield a solution to this crisis. Let us rethink our actions and let us follow the constitution by which people before us had formulated and in one way or the other the greater public has voted and approved. Let us correct our mistakes and take responsibility of our action.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across the website below regarding Mr. Jun Lozada and I thought I should share it with you:


The soundtrack it provides might help us discern the truth better about the man.

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