Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mica08: a meme blog?

Mica08:a meme blog?I have noticed that i have not written much these days. Well,i was busy.But,i have been joining memes. They are sort of personal posts anyway. I get to express myself through them.Like manic monday-3 questions each week. So many discoveries can be seen through the answers. Heads or tails is also good. Wordless wednesday is always a challenge because i would like to post pictures that tell a story. Thursday thirteen is more, having to think about 13 things. Yeah, sometimes it is hard. Of course, the other photo memes that i like are weekend snapshot and photo hunt. So, is this blog just a meme blog? Well, i get to meet and know blogger friends through these memes.I think there is nothing wrong about it.

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