Monday, February 11, 2008

Ouster of JDV: Blood is thicker than water

It is the controversial ZTE deal that started it all. According to the lovely GDV, no parent will teach his son to tell a lie. So, if you read between the lines, the younger De Venecia’s testimony against FG has the blessings of his father.

It is the normal reaction of FG’s two sons who happen to be both congressmen to sort of retaliate? We tend to fight for our loved ones whether he or she might be right or wrong. It is a Filipino trait. Kapamilya nga di ba? At Kapuso na rin. So, it is really blood thicker than water. Labanan ng dalawang Pamilya na di magpapatalo sa isa’t isa.

I was able to watch a few minutes of JDV’s speech at Congress. He was just short of directly saying that his former “friend” is an ingrate and power greedy. He mentioned one by one all the things that he had done so that his friend would reach her post right now.

It is only two years away. Everybody seemed tired of waiting.

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