Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food Connection

Do you know how to cook, bake or create some good drinks? You do not have to go to culinary school just to gain that skill. You do not have to buy recipe books, neither. Learning and having those meals plans are now free! Just log on to!

See the cake in the picture? It is called Chocolate Souffles and submitted by one member of foodconnect. It comes with the complete instructions and nutritional analysis. Really! Would you believe that per serving of that cake is less than one hundred calories? Amazing, isn’t it? You could now have a taste of that forbidden dessert, guilt free! It will also help diet conscious individuals or those who wanted to have a program but do not have money to buy subscriptions, right?

Register for free at and see more recipes in all categories from appetizers to salads to sandwiches, meats, pasta and anything you have in mind. It is a network of people from all over the world who love food! So, why not be a part of this community and make your contribution? You can ask other members also for any ideas and techniques to cook better. Have your masterpiece be rated too!

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