Monday, April 7, 2008


Gluttony, one of the mortal sins or should I say deadly? Literally speaking. I experienced its cause yesterday. I thought I will just collapse and be out of breath. I feasted with too much food until I do not feel discomfort nor was I just testing my limit? Oh, those 10-12 pizza slices in one sitting days are long gone. Yes, I cannot do that anymore. I should not commit gluttony anymore. I always tell that to myself but whenever a buffet table is in front of me, I cannot help but dig in. Just like yesterday. It was free meals at the training. Not just packed lunch but food overflowing.4 main courses of beef, pork, seafoods and chicken. To balance the meal, there were buttered vegetables, salad bar, fresh fruits. For dessert, there were carrot and chocolate cake. Iced tea was also served to push what I had taken in for more room. Imagine that! Thank you to one of our colleagues to leave the fellowship part of the program. That meant being saved from another pigging bout.But that was only because we were to attend the birthday celebration f our dear friend. Food and more food. I can still proudly say that I missed eating two favorite dishes because I had over eaten already from morning to evening. It was payback time when I was on my way home. I really felt all the deadly threats of gluttony. I even thought of death and the news that will come out. What was the cause of death? Overeating! In Filipino, katakawan.Ugly.Real ugly.

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SandyCarlson said...

This is a post I could have written! I know the experience. I tell myself, "Save it for later," and then, "Walk away!"

When the taste is good, this is not so easy!