Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am so excited

I am so excited and I just cannot hide it. Tomorrow is the day and I just love it. I am getting thin, getting thin, fats, goodbye to you. Hey, are you actually thinking that I am writing a song? I must admit that I am singing while writing the excitement that I am feeling for tomorrow. It is the start of the weight loss program drive in our office. And, I am one of the participants. I actually should not be proud of it because it only means that I am not that healthy but still I am happy to be part of it. I will mark it as the day that I will actually decide or have decided to let go of the extra pounds that have been with me for almost five years now! No, I will not miss them!

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Vashonnte said...

yay! good for you! that is awesome! i too am starting on my journey to healthy, every night at 6pm I am walking/running 2 miles and i have been doing my pilates everyday for the past 4 days! yay! we are going to be skinny by summer!