Sunday, April 13, 2008


It was already 7pm and I think I am heaving a terrible headache. Is it my migraine attacking again? Oh, well, I just had my RED visit and usually it attacks during PMS and not after! Oh, could it be that I was just hungry? Correct, I have not eaten a decent meal for the day trying to do a crash diet? It can’t be done anymore just like in my younger years, I guess. LOL! So, I grab a cup and made chocolate oatmeal. Thanks to our vendo machine that has lots of Milo in it. I keep a can of Quaker Oats at my desk…err, pedestal.Ha, ha! Yes, I keep one at my desk but I do hide it at the pedestal when the office admin officer roams around. No eating at posts!

Besides hormonal changes, what could be the cause of migraine?

Here are the following according to

  • Not getting enough to eat.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Exposure to bright lights or loud noise.
  • Fluctuating hormone levels, such as during your period.
  • Changes in the weather.
  • Emotional factors, such as stress or anxiety.
  • Chocolate, alcohol, nicotine or foods with additives such as MSG.
Oh, yes, I am not getting enough food and sleep lately. The heat and cold also cause headaches. Could there be an environment air-conditioning system to manage the high temperature caused by Summer? Just a thought.

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