Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Manipulative Child

Do you spank your child? They say that in the US, it is taboo to hurt a child or else a policeman will arrest you. Is it true? But, they say that it is Biblical to apply that rod. There are many books about child psychology and I am sure every parent would want to follow all the do’s and don’ts written there.

I also have a child and as the days go by, I realized that it is a hard task. Disciplining, incorporating good values, making him feel loved, feeding him. Bringing up a good person in this world would really be the greatest success of a parent.

Children have this manipulative sense of being. One of their weapons is their loud crying! They love to dare also. You would know that you lose when a slipper or a belt fly away and touches your child’s buttocks. I lost today. Now, I do not know how to face that defeat. Who will say sorry or first to say hello again? I want to play strong or else, I will just let him think that indeed, he has the power over me.

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Vashonnte said...

honestly i spank my kids, i dont do it for every little thing, just when its something really bad, like if they run into the street, (had that happen once and never again) or if one attempts to push the other down the stairs. I think spanking is a good thing you just cant get carried away with it or it loses its meaning, but my oldest probably spends about an hour total all day in the corner on the naughty pillow. sometimes i think society is dumb when they say you shouldn't spank your kids, there is a difference between spanking and beating, you shouldnt beat your kids but kids need spankings! or i would be walked all over by my little ones!