Friday, May 16, 2008

Let me write about you

When I browse for opportunities, I study first if I can relate to the product/ service or not. That way I could write it better. Much more if I am already using it or if I am interested or willing to try it. Just like in TV ads where celebrities endorsed a new material, they are being asked if that soap, toothpaste, or clothing can really be found inside their households, they will say yes. I just thought, how could you promote something that you do not know, right?

Let us see now. As a mother, I use detergents like Tide and Pride. Yes, I am using two. For fabric softener, Downy is the name. There is actually a long list of household products that I would like to blog about but I use the three mentioned every week of my life.

As a “fashion fanatic” even though I am not that fashionable because of my weight, I would like to write about a clothing line like Guess, Lacoste, Levi’s and the like. I am glad to see Dockers already but I have not been accepted yet.LOL!

How about shoes? My husband uses many brands like Adidas, Nike, Feggaramo and others. Crocs is the one that is in here in our country nowadays.

I am looking forward to see as many products and services in

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