Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Share your style

Do you like to be a part of the mass media world? You can start by directing a TV commercial of your own! Yes, join the Dockers contest . That is a very good way to launch an exciting career if you will be the lucky winner, right? On the other hand, you can just do it for fun. After all, you just have to talk about your favorite clothing apparel, which is Dockers. Incorporate your own style and play it around.

That gave me an idea too! Maybe I will ask the help of my husband to do the shoot for me or he can be my star. I will feature maybe my own style. I dress casually most of the time except on office days that we have to be in formal attire. I love wearing jeans and T-shirts during weekends. That is most comfortable.

How about imitating my fashion icon for a concept? Hmn… I am weighing thrice her weight so I think that will not be possible, eh! LOL! I like Jennifer Aniston. I remember in one of the episodes of their famous TV show before that she was wearing a very bad gown but she was able to still look beautiful.

How about you? What is your own personal style? Do you choose clothes according to the season, for a reason or just as you like no matter what? As long as you are happy and comfortable with
it, that is most important.

So, go and share it at Dockers contest .75x75

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