Friday, June 12, 2009

Happier days!

Being in Scrubs is really exciting! Yes, I wanted to be a nurse too! I was able to browse through and the more I got the interest to join the nursing profession. The magazine has the nurse of the week feature and the stories there are really inspiring. There are many sections namely mind, health, beauty, style, work, love, money, and news& entertainment. I browse through the beauty section and I learned a lot. Whether you are a nurse or not, it would be a good read. My favorite is the article, Wake Up Looking Younger by Anita Bruzzese. There are practical tips about skin care, eye care, lip care and good sleep. I would actually brush my lips later so that it would be more kissable. It also mentioned about nice eyebrows. Oh, I am guilty of that. I only go to the parlor for my eyebrows to be shaped when I have to attend special occasions. I also learned that bad sleep position could cause more wrinkles! Yes, we should always sleep on our backs as much as possible. We should keep our face free of any pressure from pillows. And of course, the habit of cleaning our faces before going to sleep should really be practiced religiously.

I really love this site. Check it out guys! It is summer time. Everyone is busy. Do not forget to be busy about ourselves also for us to stay younger than our age! Follow all the advices in the magazine and look forward to happier and more beautiful days!


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