Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I hope that I am fine

I worked for a construction company before. I was exposed to dust, smell of paints, wood smell, gravel and sand smell and everything that is associated with construction. It was a big house that we were constructing before. It was around 1500 square meters. Imagine all the paints that we used for that house! I was in the purchasing department. Yes, I was not one of the construction workers. However, I had to be at the site also so that I could see first hand what we needed. I wonder why I was so carefree then and did not even wear a mask every time that I visited the site. Well, no one really wore a mask. I realized that I got a serious allergic cough that time. It was with me for three months.

Now, I read about mesothelioma. I am asking myself if I had an allergic cough or mesothelioma? To think that my employer then did not even buy me a single tablet,huh! I really hope that I am cured now and no signs would show up in the future. If not, then I have to hire a Mesothelioma Lawyer for my claims. I must visit the physician right away because I do not want to spread any kind of disease that I might have right now because of asbestos exposure. I hope that I am fine.


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