Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talking to myself

I thought I was going to lose a friend. Thank God, He did not let it happened. Thanks to my friend also for the understanding. I really could not afford to lose anyone because I only have a small circle. I do not have many friends. Thus, I am really a snob as indicated in my previous post? I guess. Maybe I am just misinterpreted. But, I could really be a good friend. I would stay with you all the way. If I could give my life to you, I will. But of course, it is not for me to say but for my friends to say.

I heard from one acquaintance though that I am sort of a high maintenance. I am not. I actually expect nothing material from my friends. I actually expect nothing at all. That is because I am not that rich too? Ha,ha,ha!

I really love blogging. I get to know myself in the process. Call it crazy but it is like talking to myself through writing.

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