Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travel with my son

I read from one blog during my visits that June 21 is officially the start of summer in the US. It means vacation time. I also read in another blog that one Filipina together with his American husband would be going to Manila for a vacation. Welcome to the Philippines. Everybody loves a vacation! That includes me!

I would like to travel with my kid and ride a plane. I think I should bring him to Hongkong. He could appreciate tings better now that he is getting more matured. In his early age of five, he now knows what he likes. He could also differentiate the pretty from the ugly. Exposing him to travel would do good to him.

During these months, air fares are also low thus, all I need is to look for a hotel. I am glad that there sales going on. I just have to decide fast because they are offering great deals for a limited time only. If you plan to travel within Asia, you must book from June 23-29. You could already place your reservations even if your schedule would still be in July to September.

Hurry now and enjoy hotel rates for as low as 30$! Choose from the 27 cities included in the promo.

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