Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be Healthy in Mind and In Spirit

I always believe that our spiritual lives should also be given attention and nurtured. We can do it everyday by our usual one hour devotion or during our Sunday masses. Living a decent life is also pleasing to His eyes. How about a weeklong voyage in the seas learning more about God’s teachings? You can do that by joining Christian Cruises!

There is a Christian Cruise that I am sure many would like to join. Imagine yourself in a luxury yacht of bed and breakfast setting. It is a vacation of a lifetime and at the same time being able to clean your soul and having a brand new inner spirit. It is really refreshing physically and spiritually!

If you are interested with the Christian Cruises, log on to http://www.livingpassages.org. Hurry and book now for the July 19-29 trip wherein the footsteps of Paul the Apostle will be visited. Yes, you will sail by the seas that St.Paul sailed on. You will even have the experience of somehow being taught or hearing the teachings of the Apostle Paul as the Ephesians did.

Be healthy in mind and in spirit. What a good way to that by joining a Holy trip or pilgrim. It is now time to recollect and maybe think things out if we are bringing back to Him all the Glory that is for Him.

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