Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun with Pants' Life

We all have our favorite jeans, right? How many times a week do you wear that? I have my favorite pair of jeans. I use it at least twice a week. I love wearing it because it is comfortable and the fit is just right. I wonder if my pants could talk what she might be saying to me. Maybe it will tell me about what she might be feeling when I ride a jeep or as I walk at the streets.Lol!

Come to think of it, we have been watching animals and/or plants talk in movies, television or in videos. Why not make your pants talk? Oh, by the way, you might ask what the brand of my pants is. Which one is comfortable, trendy, affordable and durable? Yes, Dockers!

Going back, my pants might say, “Oh, come and wear me again. Let us travel together.”, as I wear my favorite jeans going to the office during weekends. Since I am getting bigger and I will try to put them in, my pants might react and will say,” Uh, oh…be careful. Or, maybe you should try dieting!” Oh, am I making my pants’ life too hard? Quite fun, huh! You could actually make a video of something like this and who knows you might even win at Dockers contest.

Be creative and have fun at Dockers contest. Let that pair of jeans converse with you and bring

laughter and joy to others.


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