Friday, June 6, 2008

Photohunt- Bad Hair


Bad hair day? Clip it up!


Hootin' Anni said...

This is pretty hair, I don't think it's a 'bad hair day'!! Pretty, very pretty.

My 'bad hair' is of a TV star from decades ago...stop by, won't you?

[there is also a long meme I did for today, so if you wish to leave a comment for me, you will have to scroll down the blog entry to find the comment link!]

Happy Hunting!!

Sandy M said...

I do this way too much, lol. Have a great weekend!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Sometimes I don't think my family remembers what I look like with my hair down. First thing when I get up in the morning, it goes up in a big claw.

Have a great weekend!!

mimi11460 said...

It's pretty hair...only the clip makes it bad.. please visit my blog too and post a comment..Thanks.

Berryblitz said...

gawain ko iyon ah hahaha