Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thrilling fun!


All of my nephews love online games. How about my son? He does too! Our computer’s memory is mainly loaded with those games! One of them loves adventures so I will introduce him to Dungeon Runners. This can be downloaded for free. I am sure that he will be able to enjoy this game and eventually love it. There is fun, thrill, excitement! As I tried the game myself, my heart is pounding going through the dark dungeons and meeting creatures that will just blow fire (Fire Mutant) and the awful vomiting monsters (Puker)! Imagine that! And, oh, if you want more, become a member and enjoy exclusive privileges. You can even have the Bling Gnome.

Good news to all game retailers out there and even you if you would like to join! With the launching of a new character the Bling Gnome, there is a dress your own store and dress yourself as Bling Gnome contest! It is called “Pimp Your Gnome".Well, you have to blog about it too. Make your store look like a dungeon if possible or you can play with your imagination and create your own Bling Gnome. Try it now and who knows you could emerge as the winner. You can start by downloading the game for free as I did. Well becoming a member would mean more powers and more thrills as a dungeon hero. Well, if you win the contest, you can have the $350 BestBuy Gift card. Check it out, now!

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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