Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be certified!

Information technology is no doubt the “in” thing nowadays. Why not? There is a great demand for IT professionals in all fields whether in telecommunication industry, entertainment, gaming, Industrial field, accounting, and so many others. Even in our office, those who are in the IT department get the highest compensation.

Almost every person would like to take IT now. Even those who have already finished schooling in another field would like to take it as a second course. Would you believe that we have a nursing graduate in the office who is now one of the Senior Supervisors in our IT department? She is more successful and enjoying the IT job. I wonder where she took her IT training. Education is always of utmost importance. How can you tell the difference? Would you just plunge in to any IT school? Going to a reputable one and holding the highest integrity would be the best decision. If you are ready to take a new career path just like so many other people who are already successful in this profession, get ready, study to become an IT and become certified! You might want to go to the Cisco Learning Network’s Certification Center.

You might ask, why the need for Cisco certification? Let us face it. What you know today might not be needed tomorrow. That is why continuous learning and training should be done. Remember that technology is fast. With increasing innovations, nothing is really fixed. Therefore, if you are certified level per level and continues to advance, it would also mean greater career opportunities. That would mean bigger positions and of course higher salaries. Who would not want that?

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