Saturday, June 28, 2008

Widen your horizons

Almost IT engineers in the company that I am working for have resigned and went abroad a few years ago. My friend’s husband is one of them. She told us how much higher the IT professional are getting in other countries. That is why, her husband continues to purchase books, study online, and attend seminars. When you are in the information technology field, there is always something new. You can never be left behind or else, someone better can always replace you.

My friend, together with their daughter joined her husband already. They have been traveling from one country to another because offers that come in are on project basis. Their goal though is to stay in United States for good. That is why, to go with the competition, his hubby is thinking of getting a Cisco certification. That way, he will be able to know what level he is in and what improvements are to be done. His horizons will really be widened because of the so many certification programs available at Cisco. If he wants to become a specialist in telecommunication technology such as IP telephony and wireless, it is available too.Only the best training programs are available.

There are really limitless possibilities in Information Technology. I can say that it is an IT world nowadays and even in the future. Everything can be computerized at present and it will be more sophisticated in the future, I am sure of that! So, if you would like a new career path, go to this field and you can never go wrong. There is also fun in learning at Cisco to balance everything. You want computer games? Enjoy it there during the breaks. Much more, you will be able to meet with the same minds. So, come and join the Cisco Learning Network!

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