Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Blessing

I think that Pay Per Post has the biggest blog network . It has advertisers all around the world and of course caters to all bloggers from any continent. So, even if you are from Asia, America, Europe or anywhere in the map, you are welcome. Pay Per Post is the most generous too offering $20 for your first post once your blog has been approved. Opportunities also pour in and they even have some promos for bigger pay. That is why, I am not surprised to see many bloggers with the PPP badge. What more! They already have this new rule that you can already apply if your blog is already a month old! You can start earning by expressing yourself through writing .No need to wait for three months.

I applied for PPP around three or four days ago and I feel blessed that my blog had been accepted. I need extra income. I am saving for my child’s schooling because he has to go to school by June. So, what a great way to earn additional cash! I love writing and I never thought that someday I can be paid for it. But, of course, I will try to be better so as to give the advertiser’s back their money’s worth.

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craigcastree said...

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