Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sign of Wisdom or Old Age?

Sign of wisdom or of old age? I am writing this post because my husband took away some of my white hairs a while ago. How sweet,no?Yeah,his simple acts like that make me love him more.Kaya Lang, as he showed me those white hairs, he commented, looks like hair of a witch!He,he.Well,of course, he was just kidding.So,after a hundred of those and quite painful scalp, it put me down to sleep.Yeah,it was soothing and I felt relaxed. I remember when I was still young, my aunts and uncles would even pay me to pluck out their white hairs.And, yes, the payment was bigger if I was able to put them down to sleep.Now, is it my turn to do that? Am i really that old now to have these white hairs? I had my first white hair even way back during highschool.One or two would show up. There was a saying that if we take that out, it will be many or more will just come out. I always tell though that it is a sign of wisdom. I felt matured for my age during that time. I will tell why in my next posts. Having white hairs or light brown hairs could also be a sign of nutritional deficiency. They say that if you lack protein in your diet, you tend to have thinner and of lighter shade hair. The hereditary factor of course is also there.So, sign of old age or wisdom? Who can tell? With hair coloring, it does not matter anymore. As of me, I think I have white hairs because it is natural. I am aging, becoming wiser, and has not applied those chemicals yet.

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