Friday, March 28, 2008

Missing Blogging

Oh, I miss blogging. Being away from the computer for almost two days now makes my butt not being able to stay on the chair…I feel incomplete and disturbed. Really, huh? I tried to peek yesterday using my friend’s I-touch but it got low batt thus it sort of hung and not able to browse through some sites, so we stopped. By the way, the condotel we were in for our training is a wi-fi free zone. Meaning free internet as long as your gadget is wifi capable! So, the I-phone was not useful, I tried my precious N70 phone. Finally, I saw some blogs but what can you do with pages for mobile phones? And I was paying P10 per 30 minutes. But, it is a cheap rate. Thanks to our beloved, Smart Communications providing 3G and/or high speed GPRS connection. Not all areas have 3G signal so one can settle for GPRS which is already fast.

Now, I cannot contain myself but write even though I have to go to the office by 9AM. I have lots of stories about what happened the past days but I guess, I have to do that some other time. Got to go again and prepare for work. See yah!

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