Monday, March 31, 2008

Love is not an issue

I just opened up with my husband about the hardship that I am encountering and how I really feel about it. Just like the persona that I use, it is only I, meaning I feel alone and thinks that I am the only one who is affected and suffering from our financial crisis. Yes, how petty? But, the truth is, money matters in every situation. It is passé that money is the root of all evils. No one can discount the fact that everyone needs money to survive. Sometimes we live to work and work to live. Why? To earn.

I cannot say that we had a fight because I just told him what I really feel. But, I agree that money is the most sensitive topic to talk about. But, what can I do? I had to tell him. You know what he did? He left the house without a word? Men are always like that, I guess. They escape rather than accept defeat. I do not know what is going through his mind right now. I do not understand why men do not have tongues to verbalize their plans.

Do I feel guilty? Should I? I was just trying to communicate. Well, I pray that he will be enlightened as he drives around with his motorcycle. I pray for his safety also. You know, love is not an issue when problems come along the way. But, there should be a solution to enjoy the loving.


Sassy Mama Bear said...

You know money is the largest issue that causes strain in our marriage of just about 17 years (4/20) and right now with a forced move it is a big source of tension.
You have to do what you have to do and not communicating is the worst thing, who knows when he comes home maybe you can sit down and have a heart to heart chat becaue he will have had time to think on it.

Skittles said...

Money is always hard to talk about. I hope things get better.

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Serena said...

Hello Mica,

I hope that things will work out after the heated situation has calm down. There is no doubt that man and woman communicate differently.

Of course we need money to carry on. There is another thought here: For wisdom is for a protection [the same as] money is for a protection; but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom itself preserves alive its owners. - Ecclesiastes 7:12

It is not a matter of how much we earn or how much we have but it does matter how we deal with what we do have.

Please pardon me if I have been too personal here.