Saturday, March 8, 2008

Arnel Pineda: The Journey

Have you heard of the band- The Journey? This band is known for hits like Open Arms, Foolish Heart, Faithfully and of course by its original singer, Steve Perry. One American Idol contestant, Cristy had her rendition of the song Faithfully that mad her landed on the top twelve slot.

How about Arnel Pineda? Do you know him? He is a Filipino and is now the lead singer of the band. The reason I am writing this right now is because my husband has been bugging me to listen to him and know about his story.

My husband has been searching through You Tube and found Arnel Pineda. He blurted out that he is very happy about his success. At first, I was just ignoring him because I am not really into music. Then he said that he was just watching the fellow at Shakeys during his younger years. Arnel Pineda has not been able to get through the local showbiz mainstream here in the Philippines but look at him now, huh!

Finally this morning, I tried listening to Arnel Pineda and he is good. I watched also all the videos about him that my husband downloaded. It was mentioned that his story is like that of Cinderella. And, thanks to internet for his success because he was discovered because he and his band downloaded their gigs at You Tube and it so happened that The Journey’s founder and guitarist was then looking for a new lead singer.

Arnel Pineda, pride of the Filipinos! Continue with your journey. Lots of lucks and God’s blessings.

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