Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo Hunt- High

Aren't they in high energy? We had a fellowship night yesterday and there was a dance contest. The judges will choose the best dancer from each of 3 groups and the winner will be given a free mobile phone! Everyone got excited! I did not know who won though. I left after taking this shot. LOL!


Napaboaniya said...

Definitely high in energy and spirits from that picture :)
Happy Weekend!

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charm said...

great shot! and great moves and energy.

happy hunting!

blogScope said...

I like the way you put consistency in your photography, indeed you have a very nice post!!!

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Have a great Weekend!!!

denz said...

Wow! I love your picture, just keep it up and enjoy!!!

check mine also:

Happy Weekend guys!!!

Vickie said...

You can tell they are having fun. Great picture. :)

napzhappi said...

seem like yall had fun though :)

Claudia said...

Wow, another take on HIGH! good 4 U

liza said...

awww, you didn't join? great choice for the theme. mine is up. do drop by if have time ;)

sasha said...

They are indeed high in energy! :)

Added u up already, Mica! Hope you link me up right away :)

Vixen said...

What a great and different take on the theme. They have a lot higher energy than I do.