Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eating Challenge

My son does not eat chicken, fish, pork, vegetable, and eggs yet. He only eats Hotdogs once in a while. Sometimes, he eats rice but with tomato sauce or soy sauce only. He loves to eat noodles, cookies, yogurt, potato chips and cakes. But, of specific brand only. For cookies, it is Oreo or Chips Ahoy. For potato chips, it is Pringles and for Yogurt- it is Nestle- the strawberry and mango flavor. His staple food is still his precious milk. Do you think not healthy at all? Or, could he be missing some nutrients that he can get from poultry, farm, fish and meat products? I really do not know how he developed such eating habits. That is why it is really a challenge for me. My friends are kidding that I should not feed him anything then he will be forced to eat what is just at the table. Oh, I do not agree to such cruelty, LOL!

That is one of my bigger challenges. I hope I will be successful.

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