Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wonderful Day

Free cab fare
Free meals
Free from work
Free training
Free mango ice blended with whipped cream

All of the above freebies in one day! God is really good all the time. Thank You Lord! I said my morning prayer for today for this day to be worry free and peaceful and He gave more than that! I, together with my office buddies were scheduled for training today. We were always excited for whole day trainings because meals are free and we can go home earlier than going to the office for our regular shift. When we learned about it last week, Memps, one of our friends invited us to try a new Italian restaurant. Everyone agreed! On my way to the office, as I was waiting for a cab, I saw a familiar face. Oh, it was one of my officemates. She invited me to hop in and did not accept my share for the fare. Today is really full of blessings.

After our training, off we went to Amici and tasted their thin crust pizza. It was good. It so happened that beside the resto is a coffee shop. We decided to stay there for a couple of hours. We hoped for a free wifi access – the in thing nowadays You can see a lap top in every coffee table when you go to this wifi zone areas. Too bad, the connection was down. So we settled for some” girl” talk.

Time to go home. It was fun having some “life” after “office” hours. Well, we cannot do it all the time. So, thank you girlfriends for the time spent with me.

Again, thank You Lord for this wonderful day.

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