Friday, March 21, 2008

Photo Hunt- Metal: The Needle

Yes, someone gave some blood! So I took a picture as I thought this could be an entry for this week's theme, metal. Needle is made of metal, right?

They say that if you donate blood, your body system is somehow cleansed because the 450 ml of fluids taken out will be replaced by new one.

I experienced giving blood and it was a good feeling. The only thing I did not like was the inserting of that 3-4 inches needle and when it was being taken out. You would really take that deep breath even if you were not told to do so.

Red Cross slogan: Healthy People Donates Blood!


forgetfulone said...

I have never donated blood, but my father and ex-husband did so a lot. Having blood drawn just for tests (like a really small test tube) makes me lightheaded. I know. Bad excuse. I just don't think I could do it. I've fainted before when they were inserting my IV needle for surgery! I'm just plain scared. And yes, needles are metal!

Napaboaniya said...

That's the one kind of metal stuff that scares me!! I salute all that have donated blood :)
Happy Easter!

Lynn said...

That's a noble gesture, donating blood.

Randi said...

I admire people donating blood.
Happy Easter

Ivan Girl said...

i don't go pale when i see blood.
i donate blood sometimes.
my husband regularly donates blood at Red Cross for he is an RC volunteer.

but I have this momentary jitter everytime I see a needle pricking me. hehehe.

happy photohunting!

jams o donnell said...

Excellent choice for this week's theme. Anything to get more people donating. Have a happy Easter.

Hootin' Anni said...


Happy Easter [or happy weekend, if you don't observe the holiday], and if you can, drop by for my metal interpretation!!! See if you can guess what it is.

Sarge Charlie said...

Happy Easter, good photo for the theme, I am old now and take so much medication I can no longer donate, I did donate 5o times

Criz Lai said...

I don't mind having this type of metal hanging around. It did saved many lives :)

Hop in for some fun this weekend in and/or have a look what the metal teeth cat did in . Have a nice weekend!

Rach said...

That looks painful! i gave blood once, but my platelets dropped so much that I went to the doctors who told me I might need a blood transfusion! After I stopped laughing, i explained that I had recently donated blood and he advised me not to do it again :-(

denz said...

Wow! what a lovely picture for this week theme, just keep it up and enjoy what you are doing!

Check mine also in HERE!!!

Happy Easter!