Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learning To Say No

It is quite an issue in the office when someone is a habitual asker. Meaning, he asks about every concern that he handles. It is okay to ask in the beginning but one should also find ways to learn so that time will come that he can go on his own already, right? The sad part is the student sometimes even gets a higher score than the teacher. Often, the one who helps has to render overtime because other parts of his shift was consumed helping others. Well, in fact, that is not his job anymore but that of the supervisors, right?

I am guilty of that scenario when I was new in the call center business. The company that we were handling was continuously innovating and that would mean new products everyday. It was always easier to ask than finding the answer. Until one day, I was told by my supervisor that I should learn the daily updates before or after my shift so that I will not disturb others who were actually working also. That was quite a slap on my face. When I transferred to another department, that happened again. After that, I learned my lesson.

Now, as I see others or when I am the one being asked, I tried to be patient and do my best to help. But, then again, I also know now how to say “No”. I guess, it is not bad at all.

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