Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Real Competition Begins

I already feel sleepy because it is 2324H here already. I feel tired because I went to office for five straight days! I am not used to it anymore because since the scheduling was transferred to our team leaders, we can easily request for our preferred time and days. But, you know, sometimes, you just have to give in to some requests and sacrifice a little. I was supposed to have my first rest yesterday but one of my office mates needed it badly. So tomorrow will be my precious rest day instead.

So, what is keeping me up? I am waiting for the replay telecast of American Idol. It is now the top 12 and the real competition begins. Yes, I can easily search for the result at but I want to get some surprise and I want to have my own opinion of how the contestants would fare. My husband did spoil though that Ramiele and even the young David did not sing well. I have to find it out.

Okay, here it is at Star World. Bye for now and till my next post on what I think of them.

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