Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Five Stars for Smorty!

I am so glad that there is such thing as blog advertising wherein bloggers are being given a chance to earn some cash! I know some friends who get paid for blogging. So, I thought, why not try it on my own? I saw many badges of Smorty and it really attracted me.The green color means blog for money. For only a minimum of 150 words means a sure $6 payment and it can get higher. Not bad at all. That is why, I am so happy when I learned that Smorty accepted my blog in less than 72 hours. They rate bloggers through star rating. Wow, I got four over five stars. It inspired me to write better. I hope that I will get five stars next time.

So, friends, try Smorty. If your blog is already three months old and has original content, you can already apply. After submission and approval, you will then be ready for your first post. New opportunities are available everyday, you just have to refresh the page.

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